05. Feb 20 5:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Comparative Advertising and the Australian Consumer Law - recent developments in the law 19 Places remaining

Level 10, 99 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Comparative advertising has long been viewed by marketing experts as an effective and persuasive means of promoting goods and services. This is particularly so where comparative claims are made of a scientific nature, as it is recognised that such claims can have significant influence on the public and their buying patterns.

It has long been held that such claims of a scientific nature can only be maintained where there is a "current adequate foundation in scientific knowledge" for the claims. Where scientific minds do not differ on a claim, it is simple to ascertain whether or not there is a current adequate foundation in scientific knowledge for the claim. However, where there is a difference in scientific opinion or evaluative judgments are required to determined the nature of the alleged foundation in scientific knowledge, the questions and issues become more complex.

Recent litigation in the Federal Court of Australia, both at first instance and appellate level, has addressed these matters and others in the context of comparative advertising and the Australian Consumer Law.

Alastair Vincent and Michael Swanson will discuss these and other issues at a Greenway CPD on 5 February 2020. We hope you can join us for drinks and canapés following the seminar.

Please join us for drinks and canapés following the seminar.

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