07 Jun 2021

EP. 7 Law Talking – Latest news and regulations

Greeenway Chambers

On this episode of Law Talking with Greenway Chambers, Frank Hicks and Ian Roberts look at current events, with a focus on the recent decision of the Federal Court where it was held that a common law duty of care was owed by the Commonwealth Environment Minister to the children of Australia with respect to climate change and approval of the extension of a coal mine. They also look at the conclusion of the defamation proceedings brought by Christian Porter against the ABC, and Clive Palmer appeals his loss to Twisted Sister over copyright.

Frank is then joined by Declan Byrne and Faheem Anwar to discuss the upcoming CPD on the new Regulations to the Design Building Practitioners Act and how to plead a claim for breach of the statutory duty of care under section of that Act for defects causing economic loss.

Intro and end music: This Right Here by Till

Transition sounds: The Improv and Extraordinaire by DJ Quads

Produced by Greenway Chambers

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