• Master of Laws (awarded with Excellence) University of New South Wales
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, College of Law
  • Juris Doctor (Honours), University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Arts, Macquarie University

Andrew accepts briefs in all areas of law. His main areas of practice include commercial law, building and construction, class actions, corporations and securities law, insurance, product liability and regulatory investigations.

Prior to being called to the bar, Andrew was a Senior Associate at Colin Biggers & Paisley where he acted in NCAT, Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and arbitration proceedings.

Andrew holds a Master of Laws (with Excellence) from the University of New South Wales, a Juris Doctor (with Honours) from the University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University.

Academic Awards & Achievements 

  • Deans List of Excellence (2019)
  • First Place in International Commercial Dispute Resolution (2019)
  • High Distinction - Honours Thesis (2014)
  • First Place in Insurance Law (2014)
  • First Place in Corporate Insolvency (2014)
  • First Place in Corporate Law (2013)


  • R Bowley and A Girgis, ‘A clarification on the obligation to disclose significant risks in Product Disclosure Statements: Woodcroft-Brown v Timbercorp Securities’ [2013] VSCA 284, LexisNexis, Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin (2014) 5(1).

Focus Areas + Select Cases

Building & Construction

Acted for owners’ corporations, developers and builders in defective building works disputes in NCAT (OC SP87529 v El-Rab – HB19/30066 and Laycock Constructions v Miocevic – HB18/19051 & 17877).

Acted for home owners in building defects dispute (Kong & Luo v Greenergy Australia Pty Ltd – NSWSC 2019/00284707).

Acted for Toshiba International Corporation in a breach of contract dispute (Tex Onsite Pty Ltd v Toshiba International Corporation Pty Ltd – NSWDC 2020/112605).

Acted for project manager in NCAT dispute relating to residential building works (Notley & Jameson v Edelbrand Pty Ltd – GEN20/50168 and GEN21/10279).

Acted for a developer in a complex dispute concerning failures by a head contractor to remediate a site and resultant direct and consequential losses exceeding $33M+ (B1 Shying Ashmore Pty Ltd v LMSD (Vic) Ltd – NSWSC 2020/00226873).

Acted for project manager in defects dispute arising under the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) (Modern Construction Group Pty Ltd & Ors v The Owners Strata Plan No. 84778 – NSWSC 2020/339784 – see also: The Owners – Strata Plan 84778 v Modern Construction Group Pty Ltd [2021] NSWSC 539).

Acted for independent certifier in dispute concerning certification of liquidated damages (Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd v Parliament Square Hobart Landowner Pty Ltd [2021] TASSC 7).

Class Actions

Acted for councils against rating agencies McGraw-Hill Financial Inc, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings and against the ANZ Bank in relation to rating of complex financial products (Coffs Harbour City Council v McGraw-Hill Financial & Anor – NSD. 1018/2014, Coffs Harbour City Council v ANZ Bank – NSD. 1021/2014 and Gloucester Shire Council v Fitch Ratings, Inc – NSD. 995/2014).

Acted for the second largest manufacturer and supplier of combustible cladding (The Owners – Strata Plan No 91086 v Fairview Architectural Pty Ltd – NSD. 940/2019).

Common Law

Acted for a scuba diving business in personal injury proceedings defending allegations relating to decompression illness: Barrett v Lets Go Adventures Pty Ltd [2016] NSWDC 243 (see also successful appeal: Lets Go Adventures Pty Ltd v Barrett [2017] NSWCA 243).

Acted for the manufacturer and supplier of pressurised vessels at a BHP mine site (Osmoflo Pty Ltd v Pridham & Ors – NSWSC 2018/73240).

Acted for manufacturer and supplier of jump form construction equipment concerning allegations of fitness for purpose (Dalma Form Specialist Pty Ltd v Fabquip Construction Systems Pty Ltd – NSWDC 2020/00166325 and 2020/00151835).

Acted for manufacturer and supplier of suspended ceilings concerning allegations of fitness for purpose (Cubic Interiors NSW Pty Ltd v Woodform Architectural Pty Ltd – NSWSC 2020/00312920).


Acted for listed companies, body corporates and associations in defending defamation claims (Bloom v Vetshare Ltd – NSWSC. 2015/330574, Hill v Wyong Creek Public School – NSWDC. 2015/129413 and Wayne v SP64622 – NSWDC. 2014/57777).

Financial Services & Advice

Acted for claimant seeking losses arising from recommendations made by financial advisers to purchase structured financial products (Belling v Westpac Banking Corporation – NSD. NSD1129/2014).

Judicial Review

Acted for a private club in relation to an application by a suspended member to set aside club's decision: Christie v Agricultural Societies Council of NSW Ltd (ACN 150 951 670) [2015] NSWSC 1118 (see also successful appeal: Agricultural Societies Council of NSW v Christie [2016] NSWCA 331).

Acted for St George Community Housing in judicial review proceedings commenced seeking review of NCAT decision (Makowska v St George Community Housing Ltd [2021] NSWSC 287).

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