Dinesh has more than 16 years of experience in commercial law, with a focus on contract disputes, banking and finance, consumer law, fraud, insolvency, company law and building and construction.

He appears in all jurisdictions, regularly appearing in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and Federal Court of Australia. He also appears in Melbourne and Tasmania.

Dinesh regularly appears for liquidators, receivers, company directors and shareholders in actions involving winding up and bankruptcy applications, unfair preferences, uncommercial transactions, shareholder disputes, trust disputes and remuneration applications. He also acts for companies and individuals in contract disputes involving misleading and deceptive conduct claims.

He was recognised in the 2017 Doyle's Guide as an Emerging Construction & Infrastructure Junior Counsel within NSW.

For the efficient conduct of litigation, Dinesh considers the collaborative involvement of solicitors at all levels vital. He considers advocacy is not just about appearing in Court, it also includes strategic and methodical approaches even before pleadings are filed.

Dinesh was admitted to practice in 2004 and was called to the New South Wales bar in 2015.

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Focus Areas + Select Cases

THC Holding Pty Ltd v Fung & 1 Other (proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW) – partnership dispute.

Perpetuity Capital Pty Ltd v KF&S Pty Limited (proceedings in the District Court of NSW – service agreement fee dispute.

Esanda Finance Corporation Limited v Highrock Aust Pty Ltd (proceedings in the District Court of Western Australia) – Guarantee liability.

Hobart Properties & Securities Pty Ltd v Old English Town Sandstone Pty Ltd – ACL/Representations.

Dinesh currently holds several briefs in Equity which are continuing. He has had considerable experience in Equity prior to coming to the Bar. He was heavily involved in litigation in this area.

Prior to the Bar Dinesh was instructing solicitor in Chand v Commonweath Bank of Australia, Agricultural and Rural Finance Pty Ltd v Gardiner and Gardiner v Agricultural and Rural Finance Pty Ltd.


Nichols Constructions Pty Ltd v Elphick.

Truthful Endeavour Pty Ltd v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited [as counsel].

Commonwealth Bank of Australia v Bakarich (Federal Circuit Court of Australia) [as solicitor].

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited & 1 Other v Legend International Holdings Inc & 1 Other (proceedings in Supreme Court of Victoria) - regarding freezing orders.

In the matter of Teca Pty Limited [2011] NSWSC 686 - as solicitor; defending application to set aside winding up order.

Hawksford & Ors v Hawksford and Ors [2005] NSWSC 1316 - as instructing solicitor; regarding terms upon which a director is to be given access to company records for inspection.

Schon Gregory Condon as Trustee of the Bankrupt Estate of Colleen Anne Rayhill v Kris Lewis & 1 other, Federal Court of Australia, Proceedings No (P)NSD720/2014 – re Trustee’s claim to assets alleged to form bankrupt estate.

Notable Cases

Commonwealth Bank of Australia v Ian Robert Clapham; Byron Bay Holdings Pty Ltd v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2015] NSWSC 1714 [as an instructing solicitor].

Chand v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2015] NSWCA 181 [as an instructing solicitor].

FBHS (Aust) Pty Ltd v Stone Homes Pty Ltd [2014] NSWCA 312 [as an instructing solicitor].

In re MF Global Australia Ltd (in liq) [2012] NSWSC 994 [as an instructing solicitor].

Agricultrural and Rural Finance Pty Ltd v Gardiner [2008] HCA 57 [as an instructing solicitor].