Joseph accepts briefs in all areas of law, with a principal focus on criminal law and common law.

Prior to being called to the bar, Joe was a senior solicitor at Younes + Espiner Lawyers, and for the Aboriginal Legal Service. In these positions, he regularly appeared as a solicitor advocate in the Local Court and District Court and instructed counsel in the Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeal and the Court of Appeal. His practice included criminal trials and appeals, sentences, proceeds of crime matters, intentional torts litigation and administrative appeals.

Joe is an experienced and skilful advocate who is well regarded for his rigorous preparation of matters, and commitment to pursuing the best possible outcome for his client.

As a solicitor working for the Aboriginal Legal Service, Joe serviced a number of high-volume courts in western NSW. He has worked closely with aboriginal communities and has a particular understanding of the challenges facing people living in country areas when seeking access to justice.

Before being admitted as a solicitor, Joe worked for a large fund manager, and has experience with managed investment schemes, insurance and superannuation.