Life at the Bar is a vocation.  Finding the right place to commence your reading year cannot be underestimated.  It is a unique opportunity to receive diverse feedback and support which will develop your skills and practice.  Applicants who are committed to life-long learning, who welcome a challenge and those who want to be part of an innovative floor would be well suited to Greenway Chambers.    

We have 34 members and places for two new readers each year, one starting after the May reading course, and the other after the September course. 

Readers have their own accommodation and full access to the floor library and an online subscription. Readers also have access to our extensive facilities and are encouraged to build relationships with the members of the floor. In addition to the reading year, Greenway has the possibility of accommodating readers after the first year through licensing arrangements.

The application period for May intake closes 31 January the preceding year and for September intake it is 30 June in the preceding year.

Applications can be submitted at any time, however, applications will only be assessed between 15 - 12 months before the corresponding bar course, and places will be awarded 12 months before the corresponding bar course. 

If you would like more information or the written selection criteria please contact the Clerk.

All applications will be treated in complete confidence.



Greenway will hold a regular information evening in June or July each year.  We recommend that you come to one of these evenings to meet some of our members, staff and clerk.  Members will provide their tips on coming to the Bar from their own experiences and there will be information regarding the floor's present activities and future aspirations. 

Please contact reception to express your interest in the next information evening. 

Current Readers


Lucinda Cooper-Hackman

Building & Construction,Building and Construction,Commercial Law,Commercial Litigation,Common Law,Equity,Family Provision,Insurance,Insurance Contract Law


Joseph Simpson

Administrative Law,Advocate,Business Crime Defence,Common Law,Coronial Inquests,Criminal Proceedings,Discrimination & Human Rights,Discrimination and Human Rights,Fraud & Prosecutions,Fraud and Prosecutions,Human Rights,Proceeds of Crime,Public & Administrative,Public and Administrative,Public Law,Work Health & Safety,Work Health and Safety,White Collar Crime