• Bachelor of Commerce (Distinction) (Wollongong) 2008
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (Wollongong) 2011

Leah Reid is a Sydney-based barrister specialising in family law, employment law and industrial relations, and commercial law and equity.

Before coming to the bar, Leah spent two years as the legal associate to The Hon Justice Watts in the Family Court of Australia. She then practised as a family law solicitor, appearing in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court (including its appellate division) in complex property, parenting and child support proceedings.

Leah has also been employed as in-house counsel at a data analytics company, where she advised on a range of legal areas including Australian and international privacy law, intellectual property, contract law and employment law. She worked closely with senior executives and was renowned for her attention to detail.

Outside of her work as a lawyer, Leah has tutored at Wollongong University. She also regularly co-authors and presents seminars on family law for practising lawyers, including for the NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation program.


  • Family law
  • Employment law and industrial relations
  • Commercial law and Equity

Leah's Notable Cases

Thorpe & Stirling [2021] FedCFamC1A 86. Leah appeared led by Longworth of Counsel in an successful appeal relating to the jurisdictional basis and construction of a consent order.

Rader & Rader and Ors (No 2) [2019] FamCAFC 227. Leah appeared in this appeal relating to interim parenting proceedings, led by Gillies SC.

Hackett & York [2020] FamCA 848. Leah appeared unled against senior counsel in these proceedings, which involved a claim of professional legal privilege.

Hackett & York and Anor [2020] FamCA 939. In these Family Court proceedings, Leah successfully obtained indemnity costs amounting to 100% of the client’s legal costs.

Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia v Mt Arthur Coal Pty Ltd [2021] FWC 356. Leah appeared in this application for good faith bargaining orders, led by Taylor SC.

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