• Bachelor of Arts (ANU) 1989
  • Bachelor of Laws (ANU) 1991
  • Mediation accreditation (Resolution Institute) 2022

Richard Sergi is a barrister with over 20 years experience at the Bar specialising in medical negligence (common law personal injury claims), Inquests and health practitioner disciplinary proceedings.  Complex medical negligence matters and major claims form a significant part of Richard’s practice.

His extensive experience covers all clinical areas including, for example, emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, cardiothoracic medicine, respiratory medicine, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, neurology, general surgery, and psychiatric practice.

Richard acts for public health authorities and private hospitals as well as individual practitioners including Visiting Medical Officers, Staff Specialists, and employed medical and allied health practitioners in both public and private practice.

The particular obligations, pitfalls and forensic idiosyncrasies of coronial proceedings and the Coroners Act 2009 are a significant part of Richard’s practice.  He appears for all manner of interested parties including hospitals, service providers, and health practitioners in matters arising under the Health Practitioners Regulation National Law (NSW).

Richard facilitates expert enclaves and is an accredited mediator.  He is briefed as Independent Counsel to determine damages of eligible claimants in class action proceedings.

While medical negligence and related matters are Richard’s principal area of practice, he maintains a practice in other common law areas including public liability, occupiers’ liability, and intentional wrongs.

Richard has built his practice on an unfailing commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients.  The hallmarks of his approach are his down-to-earth manner, exceptional advocacy skills and attention to detail.  Patient, diplomatic and frank, Richard is an advocate who understands the importance of clear and timely advice.  He believes that a collegiate working relationship with solicitors is fundamental to ensuring clients make informed decisions during the legal process and achieve the best result.

Richard is a member of the NSW Medico-Legal Society of NSW Inc.

Outside chambers, he is a keen cyclist, and footballer and coach at the Hurlstone Park Soccer Football Club.  He is a foundation member of Sydney FC and a longstanding supporter of the Sydney Swans.

Enquiries regarding fees, availability and the preparation of briefs should be directed to Richard’s Practice Manager, Domonique Elder.


  • Medical negligence
  • Inquests and Inquiries
  • Common law personal injury
  • Health practitioner disciplinary hearings

Richard's Notable Cases

Inquest into the Death of Harland Sutton [20 December 2021].

Inquest into the Death of Danny Whitton [19 November 2021].

Inquest into the Death of Bruce Hodges [12 October 2021].

Inquest into the Death of Grant Cook [30 October 2020].

Inquest into the Death of AP [1 June 2020].

Inquest into the Death of Ross Martin [21 November 2019].

Inquest into the Death of George Kimpton [8 October 2019].

Inquest into the Death of Pauline Kessell [7 August 2019].

Inquest into the Death of Nicholas Wells [22 July 2019].

Inquest into the Death of DB, JD, DC, RG AH and AB [1 March 2019].

South Western Sydney Local Health District v Gould (2018) 97 NSWLR 513.

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