Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sydney barristers specialising in arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

Accredited mediators and barristers specialising in ADR based in Sydney, Australia

Greenway Chambers’ barristers are committed to helping clients resolve disputes in the most cost-effective, efficient and stress-free way possible. The chambers boasts some of Australia’s most respected accredited mediators and barristers specialising in alternative dispute resolution, as well as some of Sydney’s best mediation facilities. Greenway Chambers’ team of barristers can help you reach a successful outcome in your matter without the expense and inconvenience of appearing in court.

Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Barristers

CPD for Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners

Ethics in Mediations

CPD Strand: Ethics and professional responsibility
The Mediator’s Viewpoint: How You Can Be Successful at a Mediation [2024]

CPD Strand: Professional skills

Why Greenway?

Here are three of the key reasons many of Australia’s most dynamic law firms, government departments and businesses choose Greenway Chambers’ barristers to represent them.

Legal experts

Each Greenway Chambers’ barristers is a recognised expert in their legal fields. When you brief Greenway Chambers you know you are always receiving the very best representation.


Greenway Chambers’ barristers believe in reaching solutions that let you get on with business. So, while the chambers known for providing robust representation, its barristers also keep an eye on the bottom line.


Greenway Chambers’ barristers reflect the diversity of modern Australia. They come from a range of backgrounds and take a modern approach to representing clients.

Want to know more?

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